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Road Projects

The Office of the County Engineer oversees more than 2,900 miles of paved & unpaved roads within Marion County. This team takes pride in providing sound, efficient, & reliable maintenance repairs & enhancements to our road system.

Funding a road project will need multiple sources including:

  • Federal and state grants: from the Federal Highway Administration, Florida Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection, and two water management districts.

  • Assessments and fees: stormwater assessment and engineering service fees.

  • Taxes: local option gas taxes, communications service tax.

  • Surplus equipment sales: outdated machinery and recycled material.​​​​


Interactive Map

 Project Types
  • Capacity projects: As our community grows, some roads also need to grow to accommodate the additional vehicle traffic. Several county roadways have been in need of additional lanes or entrance ramps to enhance traffic flow and reduce congestion.

  • Rehabilitation projects: Our roadways are used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles each day. Due to this normal wear and tear, some existing roadways are in need of rehabilitation to provide the safest driving conditions and extend the life of the pavement.

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