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sales tax

Sheriff's Office

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Replacement Patrol Vehicles


The Sheriff's Office has begun a vehicle replacement plan for its fleet. This primarily includes patrol vehicles, which will be updated to all-wheel-drive capable SUVs for easier access to remote parts of Marion County.


It also includes vehicles for evidence technicians, civil process staff and others that have not been updated since FY07-08,


Status: 315 new patrol cars are now on the road, alongside 17 other vehicles.

mcso_helicopter (7).jpg


The original plan for Sales Tax funding called for equipment upgrades for MCSO's existing helicopter. However, that helicopter was destroyed in an accident while responding to an emergency situation, so the funding has been used to purchase and outfit a replacement helicopter.


Equipment includes cameras and monitors as well as data transmission, server and mapping systems.


This equipment will improve evidence collection, scene management, communication among responders and officer safety.​

Status: The new helicopter has been in operation since January 2018.

SWAT K9 and handler

Ballistic Vests


The Sheriff's Office is replacing existing ballistic vests used by deputies that are reaching the end of their shelf life. The vests are no longer warrantied after five years.,

Status: Deputies have been outfitted with 349 new ballistic vests. 

SWAT team membe exiting small space with vest

SWAT Vests


Vests used by the MCSO SWAT team are substantially heavier and provide much greater protection than the normal ballistic vests used by deputies. These vests also have a 5-year shelf life after which they must be replaced to ensure officer safety.


Status: MCSO SWAT team members have been outfitted with 130 new vests. 

evidence building site.jpg

Evidence Building

MCSO is constructing a new, hardened evidence building to store all criminal evidence as well as to provide office space for evidence employees.


MCSO is also moving its DNA and forensics lab into the same structure so that all evidence functions are housed in the same structure.​

Status: Construction on the new facility as well as demolishing and repaving the site of the old building began FY19/20.

Server internet technology infrastructure

Information Technology infrastructure

This includes upgrades to MCSO fiber optics and network infrastructure, including servers, switches and a new phone system for the main operations center, district offices and county jail.

Network upgrades will allow deputies to more easily use their body-worn and in-vehicle cameras by increasing upload / download speeds for video data.

Upgrades will also help with data backup, email, storage, jail surveillance systems and more.

Status: Several improvements have already been completed; upgrades are ongoing.

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