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sales tax

Each penny means positive change for Marion County.

Since 2016

The Penny Sales Tax has funded roads, reduced traffic congestion, built new fire stations, reduced 911 response times, and improved animal control, law enforcement, and other public safety and transportation infrastructure in Marion County and its municipalities.

During the 2024 general election, the Penny Sales Tax will again be on the ballot for Marion County to be able to extend for 20 years.

Our Initiatives


Projects include law enforcement, fire rescue and EMS, as well as public safety communication.


Projects include multiple road rehabilitations and capacity projects.


Projects include a new facility for Animal Services to increase capacity and services.



for Sales Tax Funds

1 / Collection

The funds collected from this sales tax are collected by the Florida Department of Revenue, then returned to the county on a monthly basis.

2 / Budgeting

A budget is established during the county's annual budgeting process including workshops, hearings, and meetings that are open to the public and detailed in public records.

3 / Approval

Projects are prioritized annually by the departments and organizations receiving funds, then approved by the county commission at public meetings.

4 / Funding

The county commission uses the funds collected in accordance with all standard and state-required finance and procurement processes.


30% is estimated to be paid by visitors!

The commission voted to place the sales tax option on the ballot as a means of addressing a backlog of public safety and transportation projects that accumulated during our community’s economic downturn.


The funds collected have paved roads, rolled out new patrol cars for sheriff’s deputies and placed new radios in the hands of public safety professionals.

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