sales tax

Each penny means positive change for Marion County.




The first four years of the Penny Sales Tax generated $167M to fund public safety improvements and major road projects throughout the county. These include hundreds of emergency response vehicles, necessary equipment upgrades for public safety personnel, new facilities for public safety departments, and new road construction and rehabilitation throughout the county.

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The sales tax will generate an estimated $196M in county revenue. This will fund even more public safety and infrastructure improvements.

As our community grows, roads need to grow as well to accommodate additional traffic. Public safety departments will build new facilities and purchase hundreds more public safety vehicles and needed equipment.

Penny Sales Tax Renewal

Official results indicate 70.31% of Marion County voters (132,557) elected to renew the One Cent Public Safety and Infrastructure Sales Surtax for an additional four years.


for Sales Tax funds

  • The State of Florida collects the sales tax and distributes it to the county on a monthly basis.

  • The budget for the funds is established through the regular budgeting process, which is open to the public and detailed in public records.

  • The Board of County Commissioners follows all standard and state-required finance and procurement processes to disburse the funds.

  • The departments and agencies receiving funds establish their prioritized projects on an annual schedule, which is approved by the Board at public meetings.

  • Any changes to the purchase list or schedule must be approved by the Board at a public meeting.

  • Note that the project categories will not change, although purchases or timing of purchases within the project categories could change based on new information or opportunities to save money.

  • For example, if it becomes more cost-effective to purchase radios in year two instead of year four, with Board approval, the schedule could change to accommodate that. If, two years from now, a department experiences an increased need for a certain vehicle, with Board approval, it could reduce the number of one type of vehicle purchases in order to accommodate the increased need of the other type. Any changes of this nature would be approved by the Board at public meetings and noted on this website.