sales tax projects

Replacement vehicles

With this funding, the Sheriff's Office will begin a vehicle replacement plan for its fleet. This primarily includes patrol vehicles, but also includes vehicles for evidence technicians, civil process and others that have not been replaced since FY 07-08.


Cost: $11,828,035  Fiscal year: 2016-2021  Total: 388

Status: 388 new patrol cars now on the road, along with 26 other vehicles.

Ballistic vests

The Sheriff's Office will replace existing ballistic vests currently used by deputies that are reaching the end of their shelf life. These vests are no longer warrantied after five years.  

Cost: $412,103  Fiscal year: 2017-2021  Total: 562

The original plan called for vests arriving in 2016; per Sheriff's Office recommendation, this was revised to 2017.

Status: 10 vests purchased

SWAT vests

Vests used by the Sheriff's SWAT team are substantially heavier and provide increased protection compared to the normal vests. They also have a 5-year shelf life, and this funding will provide replacements.

Cost: $139,460  Fiscal year: 2017-2021  Total: 130

The original plan called for vests arriving in 2016; per Sheriff's Office recommendation, this was revised to 2017.

Status: 24 vests purchased

Mobile Command Unit

This project was removed from the schedule to accommodate funding for the new helicopter.

The new Mobile Command Unit will replace the existing vehicle which is more than 17 years old. It is used as a mobile command base for situations including major incidents, missing person searches, extended SWAT callouts and natural disasters.

Cost: $880,466  Fiscal year: 2017-2018  Total: 1

Status: Upcoming

Information Technology infrastructure

Includes upgrades to the fiber optics and network infrastructure to include servers, switches and a new phone system for the main operations center, jail and district offices. The network upgrades will increase efficiency and allow deputies to use the new body-worn and in-vehicle cameras while increasing download speeds for data/video. It will also help with email,  back-up, storage, camera systems at the jail, among others.  

Cost: $4,285,446  Fiscal year: 2017-2021 

The original plan called for about $1.2 million; the budget adjustment for this project was recommended by the Sheriff's Office.

Status: Upcoming

Evidence building

This will be used to construct a hardened evidence building to store all Sheriff's Office evidence, provide needed office space for evidence employees, and move the DNA lab so that all evidence functions are housed in the same building. The building that MSCO evidence is currently stored does not meet hurricane standards. 

Cost: $1,242,091  Fiscal year: 2019-2020  Total: 1

Status: Bidding phase 


The original plan called for updated aviation equipment for an existing helicopter. However, that helicopter was destroyed in an accident, so the funding will be used to purchase a replacement and equip it, per Sheriff's Office recommendation. The new helicopter's equipment will include cameras and monitors, as well as data transmittal, server and mapping systems. The equipment will improve evidence collection, scene management, communication among responders and officer safety. 

Cost: $4,352,119 Fiscal year: 2017-2019

Status: In operation (January 2018)

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