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sales tax projects

800 MHz Radio Replacement

This is the radio system used by all public safety personnel to communicate. The radios currently used are no longer being produced and are ending their support life. The upgrade to new radios will provide citizens the assurance that the responding public safety professionals can communicate.

Cost: $8,185,514  Fiscal year: 2017-2020 

The original plan called for this purchase starting in 2018-2019 at a cost of $8.9 million. However, the county was able to purchase the radios at a reduced cost. 

Status: This project is complete. More than 2,000 new radios have been distributed to public safety personnel across the county, including staff with law enforcement, fire rescue and animal control. Marion County has fully implemented encryption on all First Responders radios. (July 2018)

800 MHz Tower Site Equipment - South End

This project will increase the radio system coverage in the southern portion of Marion County. Equipment will be placed on an existing water tower. Note: This photo is a stock image as the actual site has not been selected yet. 

Cost: $634,739 Fiscal year: 2018-2019 Total: 1 radio tower

Status: Structural enhancements to the tower are complete. Testing to begin in 2019. (Jan. 2019)

Back-up Emergency Communications Center

A back-up location for the communications (911) center would ensure continuity of emergency dispatch should an evacuation of the primary location be required.


Cost: $153,560 Fiscal year: 2018-2019  

Total: 1 back-up center

The original plan called for the center to be built in 2016-2017, but the project start was moved to 2018-2019, per Public Safety Communications' recommendation.


Status: Planning complete and contracts approved. Construction to begin in 2019. (Jan. 2019)